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PostSubject: NewsLetter   Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:28 pm

I have been an avid snowmobiler here in the Orillia area for sometime, a few years anyways and have just read the newsletter. The President made reference to no dollars goes towards administration? Maybe if a few dollars were spend appropriately it would show up on the trails! Last season as mentioned here in previous posts the trails were not the greatest. I realize going on your own is a challenge to say the least but is it something to pursue when its the common snowmobiler that pays the price? I personnally dont think so , but I am only 1 voice, but Im sure all would agree that we need better grooming this year , better then last seasons!
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PostSubject: Re: NewsLetter   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:41 am

Reference to "no dollars to administration" reflects that there are no paid staff in our club...all administration is done by volunteers...every dollar raised by the club through permit sales, grants, fund raisers, etc... is directed to trail improvements and grooming.

We did have some problems with grooming last season(s) as the result of equipment break downs...like many clubs in the province, our groomer fleet (3 in total) is getting on in age. We are hopeful that we will be able to replace one of the units in 2010/11. Much effort and dollars went into repairs and service of our fleet this summer and we are looking forward to a smooth run this season...Quality Trails are our Priority.

P.s. Our club meets the 1st Thursday of every month at the Brian Orser Arena in Orillia - 7:30 pm. Usually 30+ sledders there who share your interest in the sport...why don't you join us?
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PostSubject: Re: NewsLetter   Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:08 am

Fraser,I also just read the newsletter and would like to extend my condolences to the club president on the loss of his father as noted.Good memories are never forgotten and always cherished.
I was interested to read about the future plan of a clubhouse.I guess the Bass Lake Snowrunners meeting hall in Jarratt will eventually be phased out as a meeting place or something to that effect or is it connected in any way other than ODSC members also being BLSR members. My wife and I have been out on a couple of the Literacy rides from there in the last three years.Blew my engine two years ago so I only dropped in and donated for the cause as we have neighbours that use the councils service.
As a stand alone club what does or doesn't the OFSC do that makes this a better option.I felt that last season's grooming wasn't any worse than the year before but then nobody can predict damaging high winds and heavy wet snow at the best or worst of times so we weren't the only ones dealing with mother nature's unpredictability.Some areas were far worse than us.
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PostSubject: Re: NewsLetter   

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