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 Lack of Grooming

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Lack of Grooming Empty
PostSubject: Lack of Grooming   Lack of Grooming I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2014 9:29 am

Could someone from ODSCI tell me what is up with the grooming?

Wednesday March 12 and I want to go out for a ride and take advantage of the extended evening daylight hours. Couldn't find a groomed trail anywhere; nothing groomed since probably last Thursday or Friday!

Yes, I know it's been mild and the wet snow is tougher to deal with, but if you could have smoothed the bumps out as the snow was stiffening up, the trails would be like highways. As it is, the bumps are frozen in and the trails will never be smooth!

I don't understand the attitude of Orillia, that there is no need to groom until late in the week and get the trails ready for the weekend. What about the people that want to ride thru the week, as in mostly local people? Orillia is catering to the riders that come up from the Toronto on weekends and pay nothing to support ODSCI and sticking it to the locals that are buying their passes here and  supporting the club.

This is nothing new and has ALWAYS been the case in Orillia. I am sick of it!!!! Next year my permit dollars are going elsewhere. I will trailer out of Orillia and say to HELL with local shitty riding!
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Lack of Grooming
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